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SAM is a registered local charity (No 1067800) and affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists and are pleased to be one of their Official Providers as part of the IAM RoadSmart brand.

We cover all of the Suffolk area and have an excellent success rate when it comes to improving riding standards and helping new members pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test. The Group has a thriving social side, with varied and interesting guest speakers at Group Nights, and regular social rides throughout the year. Current membership stands at over 290 people.


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Why Should I Join?

The first reason is that it's fantastic fun!

The more serious reason is that every year thousands of people are killed or seriously injured in road accidents as a result of human error. A lot of accidents involving motorcyclists are not the fault of the rider, who usually comes off worst. While not the motorcyclists fault, many could have been avoided by adopting a progressive and defensive riding style which you can learn with us.

The IAM Surety Insurance scheme has very competitive rates once you have passed the IAM test, or your existing insurer may give you a discount at renewal time.

How We Can Help You

What ever your age or experience you never stop learning. Suffolk Advanced Motorcyclists' members are aged 17 to 70, and own many different types and size of machine. Any motorcyclist who wishes to learn about advanced motorcycling and improve his or her riding is welcome to join us as an Associate Member. They are then entitled to free practical guidance from one of our skilled Observers.

Advanced Rider Course

SAM's Advanced Rider Course is run in association with the IAM RoadSmart. You will be placed with a dedicated Observer, who will accompany you on a number of 1-to-1 rides. Each ride will include regular stops for advice and end with a comprehensive debrief (usually at a cafe or tea room). After an average of eight rides an Associate member will normally be ready for the IAM Test, but this will depend on many factors and your Observer will discuss this with you. You will also be able to attend our Theory Evenings where you can share a coffee with other members and discuss some of the finer points of advanced motorcycling with one of our Senior Observers in an informal atmosphere.

M/C Dexterity & Control

How many motorcyclists can honestly say they have never dropped their bike while executing a u-turn or while paddling around in a parking area? To combat this we run regular "Motorcycle Dexterity & Control" days where you will have the opportunity to improve your slow speed handling of your machine. These are held in a safe environment and are more fun than you'd first think, with everyone who has attended commenting on the extra confidence it has given them.

Social Side

SAM isn't just about improving your riding skills. There is a very active social side which includes regular rides to various locations throughout the year, organised weekend breaks and continental touring. Supporting local charities is also an important part of the group's activities.

Other Benefits

All of Suffolk Advanced Motorcyclists's members are welcome to take part in all of the group's activities. Regular Group Rides are an ideal way of developing and maintaining advanced skills. Motorcycle assessment rides are arranged in association with local motorcycle dealers. Meetings are held every month with guest speakers covering a wide variety of topics of interest to motorcyclists, and every member receives a copy of "The SAM Observer" our monthly magazine.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not as much as you might expect. Motorcycling is not cheap these days, but by not getting the latest "must have" accessory you'll be able improve the safety and quality of your riding while saving on your insurance.

The Advanced Rider Course £149 (Includes the IAM test fee, and a copy of the Advanced Rider Course book). Join Here

NB. You will be asked to contribute £10 to your Observer's petrol and motorcycle running costs on each observered ride, as they all provide their time and advice on a voluntary basis.

More? Yes, there's more.

Now you've read the overview of what Suffolk Advanced Motorcyclists offer, why not use the menus at the top the page to explore the site some more, or access the page for joining us.

We look forward to meeting you.