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The Advanced Rider Course is run in association with IAM RoadSmart (Institute of Advanced Motorists). The system of motorcycle control covered is the same as that adopted by the UK Police Forces (excluding the pursuit sections!). The complete system is called Roadcraft, and covers all aspects of road riding. By using this sytem correctly your riding will become smoother, while remaining progressive using appropriate speeds, arriving safely at your destination relaxed having enjoyed the journey.

When joining SAM via the Advanced Rider Course the following items will be included:-IAM Roadsmart Course Book

1. A year's Associate membership of the IAM.

2. Associate membership of SAM.

3. A copy of the IAM course book.

4. 1-on-1 Observed rides with one of our Observers. (NB. You will be asked to contribute £10 each time to cover the motorcycle running costs of the Observer, who are all volunteers.)

5. Motorcycle Dexterity & Control days.

6. Unlimited attendance of Theory Evenings.

7. The IAM Advanced Test.

8. SAM's social events (NB. There may be a charge for certain events depending on what is involved)


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