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The "Buddy Scheme" has been set up to ease new riders into what is potentially a large and seemingly complex club. On the first group night you attend it can be a bit overwhelming, entering a room of over 100 strangers, with riders ranging in age from youngsters, to some who look too old to even ride a bike! The bikes parked outside, range from small commuters to the latest hyper sports bikes with a sprinkling of tourers, retro bikes, off roaders and shiny custom bikes too.


Whatever type of rider you are, whatever type of bike you ride, and regardless of your level of experience, the "Buddy Scheme" can offer to put you in contact with a friendly, established, group member. They will meet you before the group night and show you where Fynn Valley Golf Club is, who the SAM officials are, what's going on, and most importantly where the bar and coffee facilities are! You may be nervous to ride with a group of complete strangers for the first time, so your "Buddy" can also offer to accompany you to your first club run if you like.

To find out more about the buddy scheme just contact one of our Buddy Co-ordinators. Their details are on the SAM Committee page.


Take that first step to becoming a better rider.

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