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SAM is not only about improving your riding, it is also has a great social side.

Various events are organised not only by our hard working committee members, but also by the members themselves. There are however a core set of events, that are held regularly (depending on the time of year).

  • Group Nights - Third Wednesday of each month
  • Roadcraft Theory - Fourth Wednesday of each month (2022 on)
  • Breakfast Runs - First Sunday of each month
  • Chip Runs - 2nd Thursday following Group Night (spring/summer months only)
  • Saturday Jaunts - 3rd Saturday of month (autumn/winter months only)

You can also see the vast range of events and activities that SAM has, by selecting the "SAM Calendar" item from the "Events" section of the menu at the top of the page. This calendar is kept up to date with any new/modified events and should be your source of the latest information.


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