SAM has an excellent record in improving Associate members’ riding, and preparing them for the IAM Advanced Test. This is thanks to a dedicated team of volunteer Observers who all love motorcycling and wish to help others, as they were once helped themselves.

As an Associate member you will be allocated to one of the team for your 1-to-1 observed rides. You never stop learning, or getting rusty, so once you have passed the IAM Advanced Test, and become a full member, you can always ask another Observer to take you out for a refresher ride. If you do so, please remember to offer to cover their running costs.

If you wish to contact any of them by phone their numbers are below, and you can put faces to the names by clicking on the camera icon.

Chief Observer

Paul Ballard

National Observers

Derek Barker
Matthew Barker
André Castle
Tony Chyc
Paul Newman
Mike Roberts
Geoff Scott


Rob Baker
Steve Bingham
Ian Bishop
Nick Braley
Terry Fellowes
Dave Franklin
Dean Harris
Glyn Hill
Ian Leedham
Graham Parker
Andrew Robotham
John Rudland
Phil Sayer

Associate Co-ordinator

Geoff Scott