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The links below are some of the sites available on the internet that SAM thinks you will find useful. Clicking on the links will open these sites in a new browser window.

Please note that these are all third party sites and SAM is in no way responsible for their content which may have change from when this page was published.

Group Icon Other IAM Groups

You may have found our site by recommendation or internet search, and you'd like to prepare for the IAM Advanced test, but we are too far away. These nearby groups may be what you need. If you are even further away then use the IAM link to find a group local to you.

Road Icon Road Safety

Sharp Helmet

Handle or Loose It                   Suffolk SafeCam

BikeSafe               SuffolkRide.Net

East Anglia                        Think

BMF               Highway Code

Group Icon Local Motorcycle Clubs

Group Icon Member Recommended Sites


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