CANCELLED : Please note the Breakfast Run to Franks Motorcycle Cafe on Sunday 3rd December has been cancelled due to the extreme low temperature and risk of ice.

Technical Requirements for viewing videos

The SAM website makes use of the following technologies. While you should be able to access most of the content on this site without them, your browsing experience, both here, and across the whole internet, will be greatly improved by ensuring you have these technologies enabled and have installed the latest updates for them and your browser.

CSS Icon Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

As the name suggests these are used to style the web pages and make them look good. There is usually an option within your browser’s preferences to turn their us on and off. Without them turned on, this site will revert to plain text format. Most sites are now using this technology so it is highly likely you have these turned on.


Scripting enables your browser to perform repeated tasks via a small program (script). This has lead to some users turning JavaScripting off in their browser’s preferences because of the possible execution of malicious code. The SAM website uses JavaScript for the navigation menus and for various links to improve the website’s usability. If you have Javascript disabled, you should consider at least setting your browser to “Prompt” so that you can run scripts from trusted sites.

Adobe ReaderAdobe PDF Reader

The use of the Personal Document Format has been around for a long time. The benefits of it are that it enables any PC to display and print a document as the original author intended. The SAM website uses PDF files for the monthy magazine “The SAM Observer”. You can use the link below to install or update your PC to the latest version.

Adobe Reader

If you use YouTube or any of the video sharing sites you probably have the Adobe Shockwave/Flash Player already installed. The SAM website uses Shockwave for the videos of motorcycle riding, and for viewing the “fancy” version of “The SAM Observer”. You can use the link below to install or update your PC to the latest version.

Shockwave (YouTube, Google Video etc.)

The videos on the SAM website are hosted on YouTube, Google Video, etc. and you may experience slow performance or “video no longer available” at busy times. If you get stuttering/choppy playback, just click on the pause button and wait for the progress bar to completely fill, then click the play button again. Doing this will allow the video to finish downloading and remove pauses in the playback caused by waiting for the network or remote site. Clicking on a video while it is playing will cause the YouTube site to open, unless you have a pop-up blocker installed, so be careful you don’t double click to start the video playing. Also if you are viewing from your workplace, the system administrator may have blocked access to video files.